Theatre of War depicts stunningly authentic battles of World War II between 1939-1945. Command hundreds of different unit types in 6 historically accurate campaigns (US, UK, Soviet, German, French and Polish).

Campus is a balanced mix of campus lifestyle simulation and a wide variety of quests and tests which lead to one of the goals of this game – make a career in science and get rich. Your character starts out at a campus somewhere in England. During the course of the game, you will fly to other countries to complete your education and missions there.

Run your own Hollywood studio, produce big budget movies and become the greatest producer ever! In Hollywood Pictures 2 you are taking over the director's

SunAge is the modern day answer for RTS fans who want the best possible overview on their troops while trying to outstmart opponents in frantic battles where strategies and tactics are more important than ever.
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...Without knowing how or why, Brian, a student on the verge of graduating from college, is attacked by Mafia gangsters.

During his desperate getaway, in the company of a mysterious striptease dancer, he ends up meeting a wide range of unusual characters.

Through different intense and exciting single and multiplayer game modes, TrackMania Sunrise proposes to drive high powered racing cars at full speed on fun and pectacular tracks punctuated with giant jumps, looping, boosts, banked corners, and other insane stunt blocks.

Europe is in turmoil. The Viking raids have ended but the lands have been fragmented into petty fiefs. The Emperor is struggling with the Pope and rumor has it that another Scourge of God is rolling in over the Steppes of what would become Russia.

Wings of Power II includes three brand new WWII fighter aircraft built using Absolute Realism Technology: They are the legendary Supermarine Spitfire, the Messerschmitt Bf109 and the Mitsubishi A6M5 Zero.
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